MyHR CVS: CVS Health Employee Login Guide 

MyHR CVS Portal is an online employee login web portal for CVS health employees. The Login web portal has been designed for the ex-employees and employees of CVS company, its sub-companies to build better communication between the employees and the HR department.  The web portal offers ease of communication that is highly needed to deliver the information to the employees within real-time. The portal also gives surety that the employees will have accurate data without any repetition. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and effort too.

So, if you’re an employee of CVS pharmacy or an ex-employee, you must know the MyCVSHR login information. So, let us understand some facts of the MYHR CVS login.

Login Requirement of MyHR CVS:

To login to the MYHR CVS, you need to have the following requirements.

The following are the features of the MyHR CVS:

MyHR CVS Employee Registration:

MyHR CVS, as you know that the simplest way of accessing the information and monitoring the employees & business activities. Besides that, this enables you to aces and share the employees' data through a secure website. To register for the MyHR CVS employee, you need to follow these steps.


A Brief Guide On Mountain Bikes For The Beginners!

Are you one of those who feels obsessed with various types and styles of mountain bikes? If yes, then are you ready to explore new ideas regarding mountain bikes and latest updates about it? Here are a few descriptions of different types of Cheap Mountain Bikes. Then your choice of knowing about mountain bikes is right here. If you are planning to have one mountain bike for you, then you must be thinking that which mountain bike you can choose to buy.

Types of Mountain Bikes

  1. Trail bikes- the commonest of all mountain bikes is the Trail bike. This is very famous because this bike is used for different types of racing. If you are thinking to meet your friend living nearby, then this trail bike will be the right choice selection. The standard specs of trail mountain bikes are 120 mm to 140 mm, and the angle of the head tube is 67 degree to 69 degrees.
  2. Fat bikes- these bikes are specially made to be used in snow as well as sand. You can use fat bikes efficiently as the tires of these kinds of bikes are very thick than other types of mountain bikes.
  3. Cross-country bikes- If you are an entirely adventurous person and planning to ride as fast as you can, then these bikes are an excellent choice. You can quickly travel 25 miles with this bike, and you will love this bike once you start your adventurous journey with it. Plus if you are searching for any low weight bike, then cross-country bikes are the first choice.
  4. Downhill bikes- downhill bikes also known as park bikes are generally used for lift service. These bikes cannot be purchased from REI as they do not sell it. These bikes are said to be somewhat tight and big. If you are planning to have these bikes, then don't forget your full faced helmet. Also, put your body armour. It is because while riding this bike you may encounter beams, wooden ladders, jumps and rock gardens.
  5. All-mountain bikes- if you are a hardcore fan of setting up scariest journey like Ulysses then the All- mountain bikes are for you. You can ride on steroids, more extended and more prominent climbs, scarier decent, etc. with the wonderful using of the All-mountain bikes. These bikes are made in such a specific design that one can pedal very fast without feeling any extra weight of the bike or getting exhausted very soon after covering few miles.



Server room is a room set aside for the primary purpose of storing, powering and operating computer servers, other components associated with them and electrical equipments. Server rooms are built for the provision of non-stop electrical power supply, backup power, lighting and air conditioning system usually monitored by appropriate personnel. Temperature is a significant parameter for the proper functioning of equipments. Generally, servers and other computer networking equipments generate a large quantity of heat when placed in an enclosed area with several other computer and electronic devices.

Heat generated by servers and computer network equipments are detrimental to these systems with a resultant effect on the efficiency of these equipments and business productivity. Overheating reduces the performance of computer systems, lifespan of servers and other equipments, causes failure and lowers service delivery which results in loss of income for the company. It is necessary to provide a cooling system for the server room to maintain a reduced room temperature and keep the equipments safe. Monitoring of server room's temperature will help server administrators and technical personnels to achieve this goal. According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in 2011, the most preferred temperature for server equipments is within the range of 18 to 27 degrees Celsius or 64.4 to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

The benefits of monitoring server room temperature and preventing overheating are listed below:

1. Prevent Downtime By Alerting When Servers And Network Equipments Are At Risk Of Overheating.

Server room administrators and personnels can be alerted by an email or a simple message when the temperature limit is exceeded or below the recommended range. This can be done by configuring alerts on monitoring softwares

and sensors developed for controlling some server room conditions. This also ensures that server administrators and personnels are notified when an equipment stops functioning or when overheating occurs in order to immediately savage the situation. Temperature is an important parameter that causes the failure and damage of equipments which may lead to their replacement. But it can also be easily prevented.

2. Ensuring Efficient Airflow Inlet And Exhaust

The temperature of the air coming into or going out of the server room can be measured by situating temperature sensors at the front and back of the server rack in the server room. This should be monitored so that the cold air inflow does not mix with the hot air being circulated in the server room.

It also helps to keep the hot air exhaust from servers and other equipments within the normal range. More airflow sensors can be used to monitor and control the airflow within the server racks and will also notify the server administrator if it ceases.

3. Fine tuning your AC to reduce power consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Effective monitoring of server room temperature enables server administrators and personnel to obtain temperature data and trends in the server room. This can also be useful for testing and controlling temperature in the server room by steadily increasing the temperature to a reasonable degree. A little increase or decrease in optimal server room temperature can affect the efficiency of a.c units as it is used on a daily basis.

Thus, recommendations from American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for server room temperatures should be strictly followed. Temperature monitoring software should be fully utilized to show any noticeable increase or decrease in temperature. This will enable server administrators to monitor the cooling system and sustain a new temperature baseline.

4. Server Room Planning And Scaling

Data generated from temperature monitoring sensors and softwares shows the amount of airflow and cooling loads of your server room layout. This information can be used to determine the amount of loads of equipment that can be added to the server room and the best airflow layout that can be used for optimum productivity. The knowledge of a server room's electrical output or load and the a.c. cooling unit can be used to determine the quantity of server racks and other computer devices that can be added to the server room without causing overheating.

5. Extending The Life Of Your Equipment

Another benefit of monitoring server room temperature is to prevent damage and failure of equipments. Monitoring and maintaining server room temperature at the proper or recommended range helps to avoid wear and tear on server and electrical equipments. This helps to reduce the rate at which equipments will be replaced. Replacements will be for innovative and improvement reasons. Damage and failure of equipments are usually unprecedented with ripple effects of less productivity and lower service delivery to customers.