Modern technology has provided several software tools, applications, gadgets for easy production of artworks. Traditional art involve the use of pencils, brushes, paints to make beautiful works of art while modern day digital art involves the use of software tools and applications, audio, video and some generated digital pictures. There are also several websites and various social media platforms that can be used to publicize thousands of artworks.

These technological art innovations are rapidly changing and are continually updated to suit rising demands in art technology. These inventions have improved range of artistic creativity and exposed the beauty of different aspects of artistry. It has also reduced the time spent on the production of artistic work, enabling artist to divert their spare time to develop more creative works, generate barrier breaking ideas and prepare adequately for more concrete artwork. Software tools developed for digital art involves the use of simple shapes, patterns and readymade artworks that would look exactly as watercolor or traditional painting.

Several imaging software and applications like Photoshop helps photo artists to redesign a picture giving it a more beautiful look. Photoshop and painter also help artists to redesign photos and paint images using customized tools which can produce amazing effects in a little time than it would have required in traditional art work.


How Digital Artists Use Technology For Their Artwork

Artist can display their beautiful pieces of artwork online with the use of internet connection. Traditional artist organize exhibitions to display and advertise their work. But advances in technology has provided another channel for them to this.

They can gain more attention and popularity for their work through online communities and social media. This is now the most common trend for artist. Digital artists make use of available digital art applications to develop their artworks, publicize and auction them online.

This enables digital artists to earn some income by selling their works online. They can also make personalized artworks for clients on demand according to specifications given by the client thereby earning money. They harness the available artistic softwares with their natural art skills to produce amazing works of art. .

They also utilize different varieties of media art and sometimes combine them to make more creative art. The most amazing digital art technology is the ability to produce 3D arts that appears real to the human eyes.


Modern technology has impacted all facets of life, in medicine, businesses, industries, education and also in art. Technology has helped artist to increase their earning by providing excellent applications to produce beautiful artwork and the opportunity to advertise and sell their works online.

Modern day technology has provided platforms to showcase skills and artwork rather organizing exhibitions and traditional display of artworks. Technology will continually advance from one stage to another, these advancements are always very useful to every aspect of life. We should therefore appreciate technological advancements for every possibility and change it provides even in art.